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Hands on: Fetch TV IPTV box

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Fetch TV personal video recorder for free-to-air and subscription IPTV.Recording free-to-air and pay TV, with minimal monthly fees, makes Fetch TV one of Australia’s most attractive lounge room companions.
Nanjing Night Net

Fetch TV is one of Australia’s online subscription video services which has risen up in the last few years to challenge Foxtel. Fetch TV doesn’t sell direct to the public, you can only buy a Fetch TV set-top box through a handful of ISPs; iiNet, Internode, Optus, Westnet, Adam Internet and TransACT.

Deals vary between ISPs, but generally you can buy the Fetch TV box outright for $299 or else rent it for $9.95 per month on a 24 month contract (although you don’t own it at the end of the contract). If you buy the Fetch TV box outright you still need to pay $4.95 per month for the basic free-to-air service, which lets you plug in your aerial and record two channels at once while watching a third. That third channel can be from any network, not just one of the networks you’re recording.


Some people might balk at the thought of paying a monthly fee to watch so-called free-to-air television, but in return the box has access to a customised Electronic Program Guide which is far more reliable than the EPG embedded in the broadcast signal.

Any Personal Video Recorder which relies on the EPG embedded in the broadcast signal is going to let you down if you’re trying to automatically record your favourite shows each week. For example one week the The Big Bang Theory might be called The Big Bang Theory (Includes sneak peek – Power Games – The Packer Murdoch Story), which means your PVR won’t record it because the name doesn’t match. You can thank the commercial free-to-air networks for this mess.

The way to get around this problem is to use a PVR which downloads a hand-curated EPG, one which someone has edited to ensure that every episode of The Big Bang Theory is recognised as the same show and all the metadata is intact. Other Australian PVRs which offer a hand-curated EPG – such as the Telstra T-Box, Foxtel iQ2 or an IceTV-compatible recorder – also charge a monthly fee. The exception to the rule is TiVo, which charges a monthly fee in the US but not in Australia. Here TiVo’s local backers decided to incorporate the fee into the one-off cost of the box.

After pricing itself out of the market TiVo is now dead in Australia, so perhaps the subscription model will have more success. There’s currently a TiVo at the heart of my lounge room but I’m on the lookout for a replacement and I think Fetch TV might be the box for the job.


In terms of core PVR features Fetch TV can stand toe-to-toe with TiVo and outshines off-the-shelf competitors from consumer electronics giants such as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and LG. With Fetch TV you’ve the ability to create a Series Tag to automatically record your favourite shows each week, with global and custom padding so they start recording early and run over in case the show is running late. It doesn’t just blindly record the same timeslot and hope for the best, it actually checks the TV schedule for changes every day.

Other PVRs might promise Season Pass-style features, which check the guide, but they can’t be trusted if they’re relying on the flaky EPG embedded in the broadcast signal. Unfortunately, unlike the TiVo, Fetch TV can’t create Series Tags based around specific actors or keywords – which is frustrating if you only want to record the football when your team is playing.

The Fetch TV box features a generous 1 TB hard drive, but more impressive are its intelligent storage management options, which again are on par with the TiVo. You can tell Fetch TV to only keep the last few episodes of a show, so it doesn’t take up too much space. Alternatively you can keep every episode but automatically delete the oldest if you’re short on space. Otherwise you can keep them all and only delete them manually.

Such flexibility means the hard drive should never fill up, so you won’t miss recording your favourite show due to lack of space. To me intelligent storage management is one of the most important aspects of a PVR and the reason I’ve favoured TiVo for so long.

Fetch TV’s inclusion of three TV tuners also offers intelligent conflict management, so you still catch the beginning and end of recordings even if they overlap. You can also prioritise Season Tags, to tell the box that Homeland is more important than The Octonauts. You don’t have the ability to only record first-run episodes and not repeats, but this is on the roadmap. Fetch TV is smart enough not to record the same episode twice, unlike my TiVo, which is handy when it comes to kids’ shows.

In terms of free-to-air television Fetch TV’s only major shortcoming is the lack of ad-skipping, but I don’t see this as a deal-breaker. One of the reasons I can live with the lack of ad-skipping on my TiVo is that when I press play after fast-forwarding through an ad break it automatically jumps back a few seconds to allow for my slow reflexes. I’m told this feature is coming to Fetch TV as well, which would make the lack of ad-skipping much more tolerable.


Usability has always been one of TiVo’s strong points, making it a great option for less-tech-savvy friends and relatives. Fetch TV is a lot more user-friendly than something like a convoluted Beyonwiz, but it still falls short of the TiVo and Telstra T-Box’s slick and easy-to-use menus. Fetch TV’s interface is a rather drab grey, it really could do with a makeover. I’m a technobogan so I don’t care much about appearances, but a more attractive and colour-coded interface might be less daunting for new users.

While they’re at it they could revamp the remote control, which is also a little busy and would benefit from more colour coding. If you’ve got poor eyesight you’ll struggle to distinguish the volume buttons from the channel buttons. The central button with the paw symbol, designed to call up the onscreen menus, doesn’t work if you’ve just changed channels and the Now/Next information is still visible. Such an odd limitation will certainly frustrate and confuse some users. A “Live TV” button would also be a nice touch for people who like to keep things simple. UPDATE: I assumed that paw button acted like the TiVo button to call up the menus, but it’s actually an Enter button. Press it when no menus are on the screen and it calls up the menus, thus my confusion. So people will figure this out, others won’t.

Fetch TV’s onscreen menus could also do with a tweak. In an effort to make life easier, the menus feature a “My Stuff” tab. This offers easy access to your recordings, rented movies and network devices such as a Plex server. This sounds useful, but what it actually means is that these features aren’t where you’d logically expect to find them.

Look under the TV tab and there’s no option to watch shows you’ve recorded. Look under Movies and there’s no list of your active rentals. It’s a nice idea, but the My Stuff tab actually makes life more complicated if you’re migrating from another PVR. Including these options under My Stuff as well as where they logically belong might help.

On the plus side, once you’ve found your list of recorded shows you’ll find they’re sorted into folders. Within each folder, episodes are listed not only by name but also by series and episode number (another benefit of that hand-curated EPG). It even ticks the episodes you’ve watched and there’s the option to resume playback if you stopped in the middle.

When you press record it takes a few seconds to kick in and it doesn’t add what’s already in the buffer. I’d really like to see an onscreen timeline, stretching across the bottom of the screen, which makes it easy to see how far you are into a recording and how far you are behind a live broadcast during chasing playback. UPDATE: It’s there, but you don’t see it all the time. It doesn’t appear when you press Play or Pause, but you can see it in the Now/Next bar when you fast-forward or rewind.

If you’re running a few minutes behind live – perhaps you paused for five minutes to answer the phone – the PVR doesn’t stop you if you forget that you’re time-shifting and start to channel-flick. Switch back to what you were watching and it’s jumped to live, so you’ve lost that five minutes in the buffer. To be fair almost every PVR is guilty of this, but it’s annoying. Unlike TiVo, even if you’re recording the channel you can’t rewind to watch that lost five minutes. Overall Fetch TV’s chasing playback feature feels a little rough around the edges.


Fetch TV is an impressive free-to-air PVR but what really helps it stand out from the crowd is that you’ve the option to pay for IPTV subscription packages. You can pause, rewind or record these channels just the same as the free-to-air channels. This is a lot more useful than the Foxtel channels on Telstra’s T-Box or the Xbox 360, which are watch-only and can’t be time-shifted or recorded.

The choice of subscription channels on the Fetch TV service is rather underwhelming compared to Foxel on T-Box or a full Foxtel service, but if you’re just after a few general entertainment channels then they might meet your needs. In my book the TV1-style TVH!ts is the only channel worth getting excited about. The rest of the Entertainment package ($15 or $20 depending on your ISP)  is a mix of sport, music, docos, lifestyle and kids. You’ll also find extra sport and world movie options.

If you’re looking for Showcase, FX, Syfy, Fox8, Arena or live AFL/NRL then you’re going to be disappointed. Shows on TVH!ts are still crammed with ads, most of them for other Foxtel channels which you can’t get on Fetch TV.

In my home I don’t think it’s worth paying extra for subscription TV channels, but it’s nice to know the option is there on the Fetch TV. It’s also good to know that Fetch TV is no longer reliant on multicasting in order to deliver its full spread of services, so customers on a Telstra Wholesale DSLAM have access to the same content as everyone else. Now the NBN is a fragmented mess it’s hard to know which homes will have access to multicasting features.

Other Fetch TV internet features include the ability to rent new release movies, plus there’s free access to an ever-changing library of 30 movies – with a nice mix of old and new that offers something for everyone. With only 2500 movies in total, the library falls short of what you’ll find on something like the Apple TV. Yet Fetch TV also lets you watch Catch Up TV from the ABC and SBS along with other online music and video services, depending on your ISP. The box is also a DLNA client with broad format support, letting you stream video from your computer or Network Attached Storage drive. Most of the data consumed by Fetch TV should be unmetered, but once again this can vary between ISPs so check the fine print.

Fetch TV’s cross-platform search features are also impressive, letting you simultaneously search through the TV guide, your recorded content and the online movie store. Incorporating Catch Up TV listings is also on the roadmap. Unfortunately the actual search page feels rather clunky and would be assisted by predictive search.


The icing on the cake for Fetch TV is an impressive iOS/Android app. Along with scheduling recordings remotely, it also lets you lets you stream recordings from the box to your handheld gadgets over wi-fi – perfect for people who want to access the Fetch TV’s hard drive from the bedroom. You can also watch the live subscription IPTV channels over wi-fi or 3G, but not the like free-to-air channels (thanks to the Optus case). You can’t even get around this by pressing record on the Fetch TV and using chasing playback on your mobile device, because you can’t stream recordings in progress. Unfortunately you can’t stream recordings to another Fetch TV box elsewhere in the house either, a feature which is creeping into mainstream gear from the likes of Panasonic.

One surprising omission is the box’s lack of built-in wi-fi. If you can’t run Ethernet to your lounge room then you’ll need to use either a wireless bridge or Powerline AV adaptor. They should be available as optional extras when you buy the Fetch TV, but you’ve the freedom to use your own solution. The lack of support for a USB wi-fi dongle is surprising, but Fetch TV tells me that it’s concerned about wi-fi dongle with the streaming IPTV channels.


Fetch TV ticks a lot of boxes for the modern lounge room. As a TiVo user there are little frustrations but if you’re looking for a TiVo replacement then Fetch TV or a Foxtel iQ2 are most likely to impress you in terms of core PVR features.

It’s true that some of the IceTV-compatible recorders are slick, such as the Humax 7510T, but the schism between local and remote EPG and scheduling options can be frustrating. The Fetch TV EPG is tightly integrated into the box, just like a TiVo or iQ2, so you’ve got full functionality whether you’re holding the remote control or your smartphone. IceTV is talking about releasing its own PVR this year to address these issues, but Fetch TV has set the bar pretty high.

Fetch TV’s movie service isn’t as broad as Apple’s. The subscription channel options are very disappointing compared to Foxtel’s. But as an all-in-one box Fetch TV is hard to beat. Even if you don’t care about pay TV, which I don’t, you might find it’s worth the money just for a reliable free-to-air PVR with remote scheduling and streaming along with the added bonus of Catch Up TV, movie rentals and DLNA streaming support.

If you’re in the market for a new PVR and your ISP offers Fetch TV, you should consider it the benchmark which other devices must meet before they deserve a spot in your lounge room.

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Parents not as uncool online as previously thought

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Owling: strange things happen on the internet. Photo: Bruce Clay/FlickrAs a parent if you don’t know your planking from your owling, then today is the day to get up to speed with all things internet – it is international Safer Internet Day.
Nanjing Night Net

According to new research commissioned by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, 78 per cent of all young people said that they were most likely to turn to their parents as their main source of information if they had an issue relating to online safety.

This is at odds with the commonly held belief that kids would not regard their parents as being knowledgeable enough to assist with these issues. The high response rate does, however, underscore the need for parents to be informed about online safety issues.

Online safety for their children is a vexed issue for many parents. Kids are no longer allowed to play on the streets of their neighborhoods for fear of the dangers that exist outside the home. Keeping kids inside has led to increased use of computers where dangers exist but present in different ways. The ACMA research found only 5 per cent of parents had no concerns in relation to their children’s cyber safety, while 70 per cent were concerned about exposure to inappropriate content, 69 per cent concerned about unwanted contact from strangers and 63 per cent worried about cyberbullying.

It is these widespread concerns that has driven this government’s focus on educating parents. To that end, earlier this week Paul Fletcher, parliamentary secretary to the Communications Minister, announced the release of a new online resource for parents, Chatterbox.

“It is important that parents feel confident and capable to answer questions their children have about the Internet. Chatterbox will equip parents with the information to initiate conversations about online experiences,” Mr Fletcher said.

Mr Fletcher has taken a special interest in the online safety area and recently released a discussion paper about proposed policy measures, featuring:

–         establishing a children’s e-safety commissioner as a focal point for all government activity in the area;

–         developing a complaints system to get harmful material down from social media sites faster;

–         examining the need for a simplified cyberbullying offence.

The e-safety commissioner and the process to fast-track the removal of harmful material has raised the ire of the likes of Yahoo!7, Facebook, Google and Twitter – who claim the proposals are an attack on free speech. Fletcher seems unmoved by the challenge, simply focusing on the mantra that “the Government is committed to protecting children from online dangers.”

Submissions in relation the discussion paper, Enhancing Online Safety for Children close on 7 March.

With the proliferation of smart mobile devices now, it is not possible to simply follow the old advice of “just keep the computer in a family room so you can see what the kids are doing”. Kids can access the internet everywhere these days. So the best advice is to have a constant dialogue with your kids to understand what they are up to online and try to set boundaries that they buy into.

Safer Internet Day is as good a day as any to start or continue these conversations with your kids. Plus it is easier to embrace the activities of Safer Internet Day than it is to get excited about 9 April – International Be Kind to Lawyers Day.

Nick Abrahams is the APAC Technology Practice Leader with global law firm, Norton Rose Fulbright and a technology investor. Nick has been on the Government’s Online Safety Consultative Working Group for over 4 years. The group provides advice to government on online safety issues.Follow Nick on Twitter

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Accident-prone US sledder ‘stuck in Sochi lift’

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Halfpipe ‘dangerous’, says Torah Bright’s brotherTorah Bright falls during final training runFull Winter Olympics coverage
Nanjing Night Net

If there was a gold medal for getting into scrapes at the Sochi winter Olympics, it would surely have already gone to US bobsleigh team member Johnny Quinn.

Two days after using his “bobsleigh push” skills to smash a hole in a door to escape a Sochi hotel bathroom when the door jammed, he found himself stuck in a lift.

Quinn had spent the morning on a media tour of the US networks to explain quite how he managed to smash the gaping hole in the Sochi door using his own strength alone.

The episode garnered huge interest, coming amid keen attention on the standard of accommodation for athletes and media.

But a few hours later, he tweeted: “No one is going to believe this but we just got stuck in an elevator.”

The pictures taken by teammates — who will know who not to take the lift with next time — showed Quinn again trying to use his brute strength to prise open the doors.

After such a debut at Sochi 2014 before his own event has even started, the question now is…. Where will Quinn’s next adventure take him?

Chances are you will find out about it on @JohnnyQuinnUSA

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Partnership a win-win for Charles Sturt University and Anson St School

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A conversation between Charles Sturt University lecturer in physiotherapy Kay Skinner and Anson Street School physiotherapist Jennie Kempson in 2011 has resulted in a rewarding ongoing partnership between CSU and Anson Street School.
Nanjing Night Net

Every year since, physiotherapy students from Charles Sturt University have had the opportunity to undertake a five-week final-year placement in paediatric physiotherapy at the school, under the supervision of both Kay and Jennie.

Final-year physiotherapy students Rebecca Norris, Yongmin Jin and Sophie Szabo have recently started their five-week placement at the school.

Rebecca and Sophie have been studying physiotherapy at CSU in Albury, while Yongmin has studied in both Albury and Orange.

During their time at Anson Street School, Rebecca, Yong and Sophie will be assessing, consulting, and treating students from the school in both group and individual sessions.

There are other highlights to their time at the school as well – getting to know the wonderful staff and students at the school, and participating in school activities, especially the ever-popular sailing on Lake Canobolas.

CSU supervisor Kay Skinner highlights the huge benefits to all concerned.

“Over the three years, the physiotherapy students and I have been privileged to learn with, and from, the children and staff of Anson Street School as we have provided them with physiotherapy services,” she said.

“We are constantly impressed by how welcoming, positive and respectful the staff and students of Anson Street School are, both with each other and also everybody else who enters the school.”

Kay has calculated that, so far, CSU has been able to provide 2800 hours of volunteer physiotherapy services to the school’s students, while also providing physiotherapy students with hands-on opportunities to learn about working with children with disabilities.

This partnership between CSU and Anson Street School is a win-win for all involved.

CSU physiotherapy student Rebecca Norris works with Anson St School student Ivy during a gross motor skills group. Photo contributed

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Bendigo MP hits out at ‘wasteful’ union inquiry

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Federal Member forBendigo Lisa Chesterssays the government’s Royal Commission into union corruption is unnecessary anda waste of money.
Nanjing Night Net

Ms Chesters criticised the government’s motives in setting up the Commission, labelling it a “cynical attack on their own political opponents”.

She said any wrong-doing or illegal activity should be investigated by the police, in conjunction with Fairwork Australia.

“It is frustratingthat there’s so much focus by this governmenton trying to bring down their opponents and union-affiliated members,” she said.

“It’s a political exercise. It’s money that could be better spent elsewhere.”

Ms Chesters, a former representative of the United Voice union, said a Royal Commission was the wrong outlet to investigate corruption and would not have the powers to lead toconvictions.

“Where there is a case of corruption – and they’re rare cases – let the police do their jobs,” she said.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the Commission would work with the police to pursue cases of intimidation, corruption and stand-over tactics.

“There is no reason why a Royal Commission cannot run concurrently with police investigations and indeed prosecutions,” he said.

“One of the problems that we’ve got here is that the police traditionally have tended to stand back from industrial matters.”

Mr Abbott said the broad-reaching commission would fulfill the government’s election promise to look into union slush funds.

He said it would extend to theAustralian Workers Union, Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union, Electrical Trades Union, Health Services Union and the Transport Workers Union.

“This Royal Commission is designed to shine a great big spotlight into the dark corners of our community to ensure that honest workers and honest businesses get a fair go,” he said.

The opposition has suggested the Commission could cost up to $100million.

Ms Chesters said that was an exorbitant amount that would better tospendon supporting jobs.

“What would you prefer it spent on?An assistance package for SPC, assistance for creating jobs in our region, or an inquiry into union officials?”

A 2003 Cole Royal Commission into the Building and Construction Industry cost tens of millions of dollars.

It resulted in the establishment of the Australian Building and Construction Commission, which was later disbanded by the Labor government.

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RFS are getting around in style

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HELPING OUR FIRIES: Maurice McMillen and Tom Shirt pick up the new bus. lm020714firebusRURAL Fire Service volunteersin the central west area will travel in comfort with the presentation of a Ford Transit Bus by the Rural Fire Service Association (RFSA).
Nanjing Night Net

The new bus will be based at Bathurst and will be available to be used by volunteers in the Oberon, Lithgowand Bathurst Local Government areas.

Peter Mason, RFSA Division Chairperson, said he was delighted the RFSA was able to provide such a valuable asset to local volunteers and demonstrate how valuable the RFSA is in supporting rural fire fighting volunteers across the state.

“The RFSA provided more than one million dollars worth of equipment to brigades and Rural Fire Service Districts right across the state in 2013 through its annual grant scheme.

“The bus is a classic example of how the association supports its members.

“It will be an invaluable asset for all brigade members in the Central Tablelands as it will reduce the time each individual has to drive, with the bus now available to transport volunteers during major incidents and for training purposes.”

NSW Rural Fire Service Team Manager for Chifley-Lithgow Superintendent Tom Shirt said the bus was a fantastic asset to have for volunteers in the region.

“The new vehicle will enable us to move our volunteers from staging points at major fires back to their accommodation safely,” Superintendent Shirt said.

Maurice McMillen, a Group Officer in the Chifley Zone who was a strong advocate for the grant application, was delighted to collect the vehicle.

“This bus will assist us in moving volunteers to training exercises and other activities in the Bathurst, Oberon and Lithgow areas and around the state.

“It’s great the RFSA has made this bus available through its grant scheme.”

The RFSA grant scheme provides financial assistance to individual brigades, support groups and districts for purposes not covered by direct government or council funding.

“The best thing is we are about to see the start of the grants process all over again with applications for the 2014 RFSA grants to be open in February,” Mr Mason said.

“Brigades right across the local area can apply for a wide variety of things and this year we are producing a catalogue so the brigades can see what they can apply for but it’s not only limited to these items.”

RFSA grants support initiatives that are often beyond the funding capacity of individual brigades in NSW, particularly smaller brigades in remote locations, with distribution priorities on a needs basis to improve the welfare of volunteer fire fighters and to support initiatives that would benefit the wider community.

For further information on the 2014 RFSA Grants Scheme visit the RFSA websitewww.rfsa.org.au.

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Share, February 10: pictures, photos

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Rebecca Pearson, of Ulverstone, Remi-Gwen Carter, 11 months, and Jessie Beuermann, both of Devonport, attend the Love your Sister breakfast held at Roundhouse Park, Devonport. Aaliah Dennison, 9, of Shearwater, Amanda Hyland, of Somerset, Dayna Dennison and Ashtyn Dennison, 12, both of Shearwater, enjoy breakfast in the park.
Nanjing Night Net

Danielle, Chelsea, 10, and Bella Collins, 7, of Port Sorell, enjoy the breakfast.

Jace David William Horton, a son for Meaghan Enright and Heath Horton, of Devonport, and brother for Brylee, 2.

Abigail Joy Mark, a daughter for Rachel Bayes and Shaun Mark, of Ulverstone, and little sister for Ashtyn, 13, Ada, 8, Wyatt, 7, and Maddison, 7.

Kyron Stephen Robert Brill, a son for Brianna Bauld and Hayden Brill, of Devonport.

Noah Jack Michael Jones, a son for Jennifer and James Jones, of Strahan, and brother for Scarlett.

Melvie Barter and Jan Welling, both of Latrobe.

Maureen Wickham, of Latrobe, and Kath Garner, of Devonport.

Soaking up the culture while travelling around the state are Dena and Richard Mercer, of Queensland.

Eunice Quinn, of Penguin, and Nenita Mcnamara, of Ulverstone.

Trish Redman, of Forth, Glenda Marshall, of Wynyard, and Cecily Johnson, of Stowport, attend Xiao Xia Jiang’s Chinese New Year celebration concert at the Latrobe Memorial Hall.

Charlie Paige Eaves, a daughter for Laura Dobson and Casey Eaves, of Somerset.

Levi Samuel Grey, a son for Kylie and Zac Grey, of Smithton.

Amy Pearce and Charlotte Austin-Lund, of Somerset, catch up at the Burnie’s Got Talent fund-raising night in aid of the Love Your Sister charity.

Enjoying the fund-raising night are Jessy Beresford, of Wynyard, and Sharon Jones, of Camdale.

Kerry Forrest and Helen Hayes, both of Burnie, Wendy Hartley, of Somerset, and Sue Sheehy, of Burnie, at the fund-raiser night.

Jan Overton, of Swansea, Leanne King, of Somerset, and Dale Wiseman, of Burnie.

Kristy Jackson, of Wynyard, Lana Stokes, of Wynyard, and Christine Austin-Lund, of Somerset.

Georgia Templeton, of Wynyard, and Ricky Wiseman, of Burnie, preparing to go on stage.

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Barman bashed as Smithtown Bowling Club is robbed

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A VIOLENT robbery at the Smithtown Bowling Club has added further uncertainty to the future of the struggling club.
Nanjing Night Net

About 10pm on Friday, two unknown, balaclava-wearing men confronted the bar manager inside the club at closing time, as he was attending to the safe.

The two men allegedly assaulted the barman, punching and kicking him repeatedly.

A substantial amount of money was taken by the two offenders, who fled the club.

The 25-year-old bar manager was treated at the scene by ambulance officers and taken to Kempsey District Hospital, where he received further treatment for concussion, cuts and bruises to his forehead, right eye and cheek.

Smithtown Bowling Club president Geoff Duffy said yesterday that it was a shame this had happened to the club.

The club was struggling, but his first thoughts were for the injured bar worker.

“He is out of hospital now but he is still pretty shaken up,” Mr Duffy said.

“He will be off work indefinitely, that’s for sure.

“This is really the last thing we needed because the club is really doing it tough at the moment and we have to seriously consider our future and whether we can stay open as a going concern.

“Things like this are just one more problem we don’t need.”

Mr Duffy said the club might be forced to close.

“A special meeting will be held at the Smithtown Bowling Club in March at which members will be asked to decide the future of the club,” he said.

“We are covered by insurance for the loss on Friday but we could have done without the injuries to our staff member.”

Any person who may have any information in relation to the incident is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Kempsey Police on 6561 6199.

Tough going: Smithtown Bowling Club President Geoff Duffy says the future is not looking great for the struggling club and the robbery on Friday night has just added to their problems. His main concern, however, is for the injured bar worker

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Take me back

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Escape to the Coast – A roadtrip to Robe through the Limestone Coast can be viewed on YouTube and on the new ROBE, South Australia – Take me Back. Facebook page. Robe Tourism Association marketing sub-committee members Deb Mackey (left), Anne Legoe and Kristal Tonkin. Absent from photo Lisa Enright.
Nanjing Night Net

TAKE me Back to Robe – SA’s favourite seaside town is the bold new marketing campaign for the Robe Tourism Association.

The new brand was launched last week to coincide with the new “Escape to the Coast” – A road trip to Robe through the Limestone Coast produced by SA Tourism and its “through local eyes” film project.

The newly formed Robe Tourism Association marketing team of Deb Mackey, Anne Legoe, Lisa Enright and Kristal Tonkin – all volunteers – have worked with SATC to come up with their new brand which they hope will showcase Robe’s past, present and future.

“It was our vision in the first place (SA’s favourite seaside town),” said Mrs Mackey.

“(We) just didn’t know if we could own it.”

Once the sub-committee decided to run with the idea, the brainstorming began.

“SATC came to Robe and backed our new brand when we delivered it to the rest of the association,” said Mrs Mackey.

There was unanimous support and the team have been busy behind closed doors ever since – until now.

The new ROBE, South Australia. Take me Back. Facebook page went live last Monday and within three days had clocked up 1000 likes.

What’s even more incredible is that all the marketing initiatives have been free.

“The association had just reformed after a five year hiatus,” said Mrs Legoe.

“There was no budget for marketing, so we had to look at things differently.

“We asked the association to give us the mandate to go ahead and that we would show them what can be achieved on no funds.

“The Robe District Council must also be commended on the trust they have shown our little sub-committee.

“They understand what we are trying to achieve and have backed us all the way.”

The sub-committee has taken to social media in a big way to put Robe out there for a generation of people who are technology savvy.

YouTube clips, Facebook page and Instagram are just the first steps towards encouraging not only return visitors but new ones too.

Another milestone for the sub-committee was a post of the “Escape to the Coast” film clip on The Real SA Facebook page.

On Thursday the film was shared to all of their 50,000 followers with the message “Vineyards and beaches on the road trip down to Robe – the perfect seaside town on the Limestone Coast”.

For those not familiar with social media this is a huge feat for Robe and the sub-committee as it means even more exposure.

Robe has always been a popular tourist hub in the busy summer season, but what this clip and the new branding aim to do is encourage visitors to enjoy Robe outside of it’s peak season.

“We wanted to make it right, and we made a conscious decision not to rush it,” Mrs Legoe said.

“Things get rushed in Robe over summer, we wanted to create a reason for people to come back after the summer season.”

The sub-committee is also reaching out to its Limestone Coast neighbours.

“We are heading to Naracoorte later in the month to chat with their tourism association as well and hope to begin collaborations with other towns in our area”, Mrs Mackey said.

“We are stronger as a collective than on our own”, added Mrs Legoe.

Now that the social media side is humming and the new brand has been released the ladies will go back behind closed doors and continue preparations for the next big unveiling.

“The next step is quite a statement”, said Mrs Mackey.

“This brand has captured the essence of Robe but more than that it is based on a sense of pride.

“If you take a look at the social sites wouldn’t you want to be Taken Back to Robe?”

To check out the new Facebook page visit www.facebook南京夜网/robesouthaustralia and join in the conversation or share your fond Robe memories and stories.

“Take me Back to Robe can mean a number of things,” said Ms Tonkin.

“It’s take me back to yesterday’s Robe, or it’s take me back to Robe 50 years ago.”

All photos, memories and stories can be sent to [email protected]南京夜网.au and if you are on Instagram add @robesouthaustralia.

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Six-car crash in Golden Square

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UPDATE, NOON: Constable Lee Clayton said eight cars were involved in the incident.
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Two cars were towed from the scene and traffic is now flowing as usual.

“What a mess,” Constable Claytonsaid.

“There was one car attempting to make a right-hand turn, another car has stopped, neither of those two were hit.

“Then the third in the chain has jumped on the brakes, the fourth in the chain has stopped before it hit the third but has then been shunted into the third when the fourth was hit by the fifth.”

Constable Clayton said six cars were damaged in the incident.

“There were eight involved,” he said.

“It’s bad, poor driving.

“People are not paying attention and leaving enough distance between cars.

“People are just sitting too close – it’s failure to maintain a safe distance.

“People don’t seem to get the message that they will still get where they are going every bit as quick.

“It’s just inattention and impatience.

“It’s the sort of accident that just should not happen.”

A female was taken to hospital with superficial injuries to her wrist.

UPDATE 11.10AM: Another two cars were involved in the incident.

One woman, who did not wishto be named, said it was like a domino effect.

“It was just like bang, bang,bang,” she said.

EARLIER:Police have been called to a four-car crash in High Street, Golden Square.


It appears a vehicle was attempting to turn right.

One lane has beenblocked.

More to come.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.